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it's a nightmare!

Most dreams are recalled from the past night of sleeping. Nothing special about that, but I have one of those where I can remember only by the worst parts. This is my dream, or well, nightmare. Part of the dream starts with me sitting at the computer, and I was doing something on there(I'm sure somebody reading this is thinking pervertedly). I go to check my email. One of the emails was from some person who basically accuses me of messing with his girl. The phone rings just a few seconds after reading it. I pick it up and it was a guy on the other end, "You psycho! You just won't leave her alone won't you?!?" I jump, "What are you talking about?" He screams,"She's crying her eyes out wishing this guy---you---would just get out of her life!" I'm like, "Dude..." and then he says "you're dead" before hanging up. My hands shaking as I put the phone down. Downstairs(this is all taking place in my apartment), I hear a pounding on my door so I head down. I look through the peephole and the door's kicked in with me standing in front of it. A man steps on me and points a gun at me, "this is for fucking with my woman, you fucking freak!" That's it...the nightmare's over. There were other parts but I have no recollection of them. I always wondered what that dream meant.
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