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In A Dream's Journal

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Thursday, June 28th, 2012
3:23 pm - who wants to loose weight or just make money?

I work as an independent distributer for a nutritional company...I have lost alot of weight and had my energy drastically increase. If this sounds like something for you, send me a message for more details...btw its ALSO a great way to make money too!! :)

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Tuesday, June 5th, 2012
1:04 am - my neice

Hey can you vote for my neices lizard? All you have to do is click LIKE and then vote. http://www.facebook.com/PETCO?v=app_344233838975456&app_data=action%3Dcontest_view_entry%26id%3D3792532
that is a direct link. She is all worked up about this and getting no votes. So Im trying to help surprise her so she gets up tommorow and has a bunch of votes. You can vote once a day. So if you could help me out It would be AWESOME!!

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Friday, July 22nd, 2011
11:35 pm - strange dream...

I had a dream that I was working in an office, and i recieved an angry phone call, a man looking for another man. I stated that person wasn't available and next thing I knew I was being pushed up a flight of stairs to a rest room which may I add was rather large. When I got to the rest room I bumped a stall door and realized a person who I knew was sitting on the toilet and dead, and then I turned around and realized I had a gun pointed at me...I saw my sibling trying to get out, and so I slapped the guy with the gun right when I saw him turning to see her, and I woke up...Im guessing I was added to the line up on the toilets.... But what the heck can this type of dream mean?? I had this dream like a week ago and it was so real I still haven't forgot it...Kinda gave me chills...still even yet when I think about it. I know people associate death dreams with change, but I don't know whats changing? Any input is appreciated.

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Thursday, June 30th, 2011
1:05 pm - hmm

I keep having a repetitive dream that Im having brain surgery...and that they roll me from side to side and slowly cut out my whole brain...WTF...its getting old expessially since when I wake up, I ALWAYS wake up with a headache...any ideas on what this could mean?? Thanks guys...

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Friday, June 3rd, 2011
2:52 pm - In a dream...

I have the strangest dreams on a regular basis, and they are never ever happy anymore....usually someones dieing, Im getting in a fight with a loved one, wrecking a car....the possibiltys are endless...Any ideas why I have these kind of dreams? Or a way I can bring my dreams back to the positive?? I used to love having dreams cause at one point it seems I always had the kind we like to remember, now I don't remember the last time I had one like that....Please let me know!

Peace and Love

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Thursday, March 17th, 2011
12:47 am - really creapin me out

The other night I had a dream that I lived in this small town nearby, in which I actually grew up in.... I recognized the scenery in my dream and that alot was rather odd to me cause I usually don't remember such things. Anyway...In my dream I was driving my same ol ghetto minivan and had my daughter in the back, as I was driving around the corner and had my house in sight I saw my husband coming out to meet me on the front steps...only to my horrow, I watched him get shot as soon as his full body was out the door. I woke up crying, the last thing I remember from the dream was seeing his body hit the ground. It was horrifying!! I don't understand why I have been having such scary horrific dreams lately?!? I love my husband dearly, he's my best friend!! The thought of this happening to him just scares the hell out of me....Any ideas why I would have dreams like this?? The only thing I can think about is that he has been going to the dr alot lately for unexplained pains in his left side...Im wondering if Im just afraid of him dying?? What does anyone think?? I would love some insight on this!! Thanks!!

current mood: nervous

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Sunday, March 13th, 2011
10:11 pm - new here

hello i am new to this group hope someone can help with why i had this kind of dream or what it means so here goes well also this morning before i woke up i ended up having a strange dream it was i was swiming with some dolphens at first then i was in this one house and there was two elderly people in there and i looked up and it was my grandparents who had passed away over 10 years ago well i had turned around and there was a lady not sure who it was but she looked at me and asked me what was wrong with my hands and i looked down and they were turning black and blue and swelled up and not sure why but then i had woke up not sure why i had that dream

current mood: crazy

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Wednesday, March 9th, 2011
9:11 pm - Many dreams

I am one of those people that have dreams every night...if i have a night without dreams...I tend not to sleep very well and wake up more. Its like I need a movie under my eyelids to sleep. My husband often tells me Im weird, when I relay this to him, or if I tell him about some of the dreams I have had... I have had dreams that I "sporked" (those little kfc have fork have spoon utencils) peoples eyes out that annoyed me, and I have had dreams were everyone was a giant bug and I carried around a giant can of raid....I don't think these are normal dreams however I do have a very active imagination.

The thing that has always worried me, or left me sort of freaked out, is just when I have dreams about my husband. These are the worst dreams. These are the dreams that leave me waking up in a cold sweat, or I wake up crying or screaming...How weird is that? I have had normal dreams that we broke up, simply put thats all it was, and then I wake, and it seems so real I have to stop and think about what I did the day before to make sure that I was indeed dreaming...I have had dreams of accidents were he was killed, or sometimes just me...that left me waking up with my heart racing and sweat running down my head. The reality is tho that a majoirity of my dreams revolve around someone dying...sometimes, I don't want to close my eyes in fear of the all night movie veiwing...

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Wednesday, November 17th, 2010
11:01 pm - hi

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Tuesday, November 9th, 2010
11:54 pm - Уход за кожей, средства для кожи на форуме для женщин

Подтяжки в женском гардеробе – это не средство поддержать на нужном уровне брюки, а замечательный способ выделиться в толпе. Женщины освоили подтяжки еще в начале ХХ века. Ношение подтяжек – способ показать себя дерзкой и уверенной в себе женщиной, способной на поступок. Сегодня кроме офисного стиля подтяжки могут использоваться в любом другом, в том числе и молодежных субкультурных стилях. Подтяжки новой формации могут быть любого цвета, иметь красивые или забавные принты. Потому позаимствовать подтяжки у бойфренда сегодня не зазорно.

Женский шоппинг и женское хозяйство

Как мы представляем себе женский шоппинг? Преимущества автозагаров: средство любой категории не причиняет вреда здоровью, в отличие от настоящего солнечного воздействия. Если автозагар хорошего качества, помимо окрашивания он защищает кожу от вредного ультрафиолетового воздействия, попутно питая и увлажняя ее. Загар при помощи средства можно получить уже через час. Автозагар особенно популярен у людей, обладающих от природы светлой кожей и на солнце быстро сгорающих. Женская карьера и женский шоппинг: уход за кожей, средства для кожи на форуме для женщин. И даже если вы работаете в правильном положении и при оптимальном освещении – это не предотвращает ваши глаза от повышенных нагрузок, так как работа за компьютером требует постоянного напряжения зрения. Поэтому ещё одним обязательным пунктом для профилактики ухудшения зрения является регулярное проведение гимнастики.

Пособие про женские сумки ...Collapse )

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Friday, April 28th, 2006
9:55 am - rattlesnakes

I had these disturbing dreams last night: rattlesnakes
I'd be interested in any comments. Thank you.

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Wednesday, April 5th, 2006
8:59 pm - being choked

Last night I had this dream that I was in a warehouse with this lady(She had very pale skin, and blonde hair with sliver eyes) who wanted to show me something- I didn't really want to go in there- I end up going in to the wearhouse and meet her friends who were all men dressed in black suites with ties. They ask me to stay in room for a moment, then when they the room I went to the door and watched them through a crack in the door. The lady had some other young lady sitting in a chair, she puts all the sudden pins the girl to the chair and screams, "Look at me"  The girls screams as she stares at her causing her to be turned into a gray statue. I fall backwards in the horring site and scramble around to find away out the building, but I can't, so I then just end up hiding under a couch in a room near I was at. The Lady comes in and her men end up finding me . She pulls me a crossed the floor pinning my arms down then screams, "Look at me!"  I close my eyes and I don't look at her, she get mad and begins to choke me, I still keep my eyes close as I feel my throat closing up. Then she screams out as I feel her hands disappare with a loud poof sound. I open my eyes to see she turned into a pile of dust. Then I wake up and the thing was as soon as I did I woke up coughing due to a dry throat. 

I thought it was odd, but cool dream non the less.

current mood: cold

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Thursday, March 23rd, 2006
7:33 pm - Pain

I had a disturbing dream a few weeks ago that is causing both myself and my fiancee to worry. I was standing in a pitch blck room. Suddenly everything went to this odd shade of dark green and I saw two dirty yello eyes glaring at me. Suddenly a hand with dirty yellow nails shot at me and slammed against my head holding me in place. When this happend I woke. However, I could not move. There was a vary loud ringing in my ears that was so intence that it made me cry. All of my limbs went numb and I could not move. My fiancee heard me crying and woke. He laid there with me a moment freaking out because I could not talk or move. After another moment I was able to move. I sat up and slapped my hands over my ears crying because of the ringing. All of a sudden out of now where blood begain to pour out of my nose. Needless to say that scared us both. I have had this dream a few other times since then and each time, I get the ringing in my ears. I have also been finding bruses on my body after I have this dream. It is realy starting to scare the both of us. Has anyone heard of anything like this before? If so, please help me.

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Tuesday, February 7th, 2006
10:45 pm - The Dreamsbox & Sinsbox Projects | share dreams and sins
jennychapman Hey all,

I was on blinklist and saw the following article about dreamsbox.com and sinsbox.com. Since its revelant to this community, I thought I would share it:

"2 documentation projects emerged this month to spearhead a new push in the Web 2.0 era for simplicity. The Dreamsbox (http://www.dreamsbox.com) Project seeks to document the world's dreams, allowing for anonymous posting of dreams along with the creations of free personal dream diaries. The Sinsbox Project (http://www.sinsbox.com) seeks to document sins and secrets, allowing for anonymous confessions and submissions of expressional art. Both projects allow for a unique rating system..."

Both projects are actually pretty addictive and fun. I love the fact that they're simple to use but their design kinda suck and sinsbox.comis a bit too dark and scandalous for me but nonetheless i'm addicted. As it turns out the guy who started the 2 projects went to school with me back in the days! Now I guess he's an internet junkie. haha! Anyways, please spread words about these 2 projects to friends and family if you can through word of mouth or through your own postings. In general, I just think that these two projects are very decent in terms of what they're trying to do. Read the "about" page to learn how cool these people are.


current mood: bouncy

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Sunday, January 8th, 2006
10:30 am
munkeybiz I had a dream a few days ago. I dreamed of being in a courtroom. All I remember was sitting in my chair and just staying there. Haven't the slightest idea why I'm there. Then I turned in one direction. There she was, one of my friends weeping uncontrollably. Everywhere I looked, she was right there with sadness in her eyes. I didn't understand what was going on. All I knew was that I was sitting in a chair facing the trial of my life. In reality, my life is normal. But that dream tells me otherwise. What is it really telling me?

current mood: scary weird

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Friday, November 18th, 2005
10:30 pm - A most parculiar dream...

I had the most odd dream a few nights ago (keep in mind that my dreams are never normal) that got me upset in the sense that it caused me to wake in a fright thrashing about my bed and crying slightly.
I was standing alone in the middle of a dark highway. I was wearing one of my best outfits that I own. (A black corset, a black velvet skirt that is so long that it drags on the ground and has a slit going up a little past the thigh, a pair of thigh high leather boots, the dimand necklace with matching earrings that my fiancee bought me on our one year anniversary.) I remember being confused and I remember being scared out of my mind. I was not sure why I was so afraid. I remember that I was cold and stumbling around. There was a large gust of wind that almost knocked me over and off of my feet. At this point my face was covered in tears. I felt a strange feeling in the pit of my stomache and then it felt as though someone rushed up behind me. I turned around so fast that I almost lost my footing. I gathered up my skirt and prepared to run when I felt a large and strong hand clap over my throat and squeeze slightly. The assailant pressed his chest and hips tightly against my back as if to hold me in place. I felt a hot breath on my ear and hen he spoke. He said, "I know that you're afraid, but it will only hurt a moment." His hand tightened a bit more on my throat, and began to turn me around when I woke up kicking around in my bed crying a little bit. What the hell could this dream mean??!! If any one has any ideas, PLEASE TELL ME.


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Tuesday, October 18th, 2005
4:21 pm - it's a nightmare!
munkeybiz Most dreams are recalled from the past night of sleeping. Nothing special about that, but I have one of those where I can remember only by the worst parts. This is my dream, or well, nightmare. Part of the dream starts with me sitting at the computer, and I was doing something on there(I'm sure somebody reading this is thinking pervertedly). I go to check my email. One of the emails was from some person who basically accuses me of messing with his girl. The phone rings just a few seconds after reading it. I pick it up and it was a guy on the other end, "You psycho! You just won't leave her alone won't you?!?" I jump, "What are you talking about?" He screams,"She's crying her eyes out wishing this guy---you---would just get out of her life!" I'm like, "Dude..." and then he says "you're dead" before hanging up. My hands shaking as I put the phone down. Downstairs(this is all taking place in my apartment), I hear a pounding on my door so I head down. I look through the peephole and the door's kicked in with me standing in front of it. A man steps on me and points a gun at me, "this is for fucking with my woman, you fucking freak!" That's it...the nightmare's over. There were other parts but I have no recollection of them. I always wondered what that dream meant.

current mood: scared

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Sunday, September 4th, 2005
10:10 pm - Dream.
sheawakens I would like to post a dream that I had a long time ago. I was deep into my eating disorder and cutting at the time. This particular dream was the scariest most realistic feeling dream I ever had. It is like nothing I have ever experienced again. Any thoughts on this?

In my nightmare I was sitting in a chair at my dining room table facing my dad, step mom, my friends and most of the popular people at my school. They were just talking, didn't even notice me. It was like I was invisible. My body was numb, I couldn't feel anything. There was a knife on the table and it was just second nature to me to cut myself. I was thinking I can't feel my body I need to feel it, so I cut myself like crazy until I felt stinging pain in my arms which eventually surrounded my body. Blood was flowing out of my arms and I felt dizzy. The room was spinning and I fell backwards in the chair. No one got up to help me. I could just hear them talking amongst themselves. They didn't even look at me, I just layed there and died. I woke up and immediatly checked my arms. I was so scared, but at the same time hoped that it was real.

current mood: scared

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Wednesday, July 13th, 2005
8:52 pm

I had a dream that I was standing on the shore. Pebbles and stones, worn smooth by the waves, were at my bare feet. I was wearing a dress, much like Eowyn wears at the camp in Dunharrow. A cold wind blew, and salt made my hair stiff and immoveable. All of a sudden, a giant wave rose up, and borne upon it was a ship. The ship was made of fine wood, and designs were carved upon it with care; the sails were made of the finest canvas, and able sailors climbed about the deck and the rigging. But the wave rose, and rose further upward, 'til my neck ached with the attempt to see the top. When it rushed downwards toward land, and spread across the landscape, the ship was rent asunder. Boards were cracked and broken; men too, now that I think on it. Only then did I truly feel sorry for sailor's wives, putting their hands above their eyes to shield them from the sun while looking at the horizon, searching for sign of a sail. As the remnants of the wave washed away, I looked about me; there was naught else in the sea-washed scope of my vision but myself. A voice said then, Would you have it any other way? Would you feel jealous, or feel glad that there is happiness?. I was angry then, and searched for a face to match the voice, but there was none. It spoke thus: I have wished you happiness since first I met you, little one. But will you face the coming darkness with courage, or shy away? I wouldn't know how, I told the voice. It scolded me for being indecisive.

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Tuesday, November 30th, 2004
12:01 pm

I had a dream that I was sitting in my room and this boy named Felix called me. He says hi and so did I then he tells me that I want to kiss him and he says he wants to kiss me too so I hung up on him. I called Vanessa cause Felix is the guy she has a crush on and told her and I asked her "Since when does Felix like me?" She got mad and I hung up. Then my brother walks into my room and tells me he wants me and he is Jose. I was like no your not Jose. Jose doesn't look like you. He said he made up Jose so that he could be in a relationship with me. Then he grabbed me and kept trying to kiss me. My mother threw him off me and she was like leave her alone! Leave her alone she said. Then I said I call the cops and he said that he would say that mommy kicked him out. He was making something in the living room... a weapon it seemed like he was going to hurt us. My mother and I were crying on the bed ... scared for our life and then my bedroom had no door. Just a giant hole where the door should be. He says I want you Kristine. I want you! He then came in my room and jumped on the bed. As he was in mid air everything froze and you went into my eye and you seem me having a flashback of my own father raping me the same way my brother is planning too. Then my mother says "Don't make her cum James." James is my father's name not my brothers. My brothers name is Adam. So you basically realize my twin brother is going to rape me then kill me and my mother and you realize I was raped by my father as a child. In the dream right before I woke up the phone was in my hand. When I woke up my hand was by my head just like I was holding the phone...

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