armetis (armetis) wrote in in_a_dream,

strange dream...

I had a dream that I was working in an office, and i recieved an angry phone call, a man looking for another man. I stated that person wasn't available and next thing I knew I was being pushed up a flight of stairs to a rest room which may I add was rather large. When I got to the rest room I bumped a stall door and realized a person who I knew was sitting on the toilet and dead, and then I turned around and realized I had a gun pointed at me...I saw my sibling trying to get out, and so I slapped the guy with the gun right when I saw him turning to see her, and I woke up...Im guessing I was added to the line up on the toilets.... But what the heck can this type of dream mean?? I had this dream like a week ago and it was so real I still haven't forgot it...Kinda gave me chills...still even yet when I think about it. I know people associate death dreams with change, but I don't know whats changing? Any input is appreciated.
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