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Many dreams

I am one of those people that have dreams every night...if i have a night without dreams...I tend not to sleep very well and wake up more. Its like I need a movie under my eyelids to sleep. My husband often tells me Im weird, when I relay this to him, or if I tell him about some of the dreams I have had... I have had dreams that I "sporked" (those little kfc have fork have spoon utencils) peoples eyes out that annoyed me, and I have had dreams were everyone was a giant bug and I carried around a giant can of raid....I don't think these are normal dreams however I do have a very active imagination.

The thing that has always worried me, or left me sort of freaked out, is just when I have dreams about my husband. These are the worst dreams. These are the dreams that leave me waking up in a cold sweat, or I wake up crying or screaming...How weird is that? I have had normal dreams that we broke up, simply put thats all it was, and then I wake, and it seems so real I have to stop and think about what I did the day before to make sure that I was indeed dreaming...I have had dreams of accidents were he was killed, or sometimes just me...that left me waking up with my heart racing and sweat running down my head. The reality is tho that a majoirity of my dreams revolve around someone dying...sometimes, I don't want to close my eyes in fear of the all night movie veiwing...

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