Angelique Rose Sephiroth (lady_angelique1) wrote in in_a_dream,
Angelique Rose Sephiroth

A most parculiar dream...

I had the most odd dream a few nights ago (keep in mind that my dreams are never normal) that got me upset in the sense that it caused me to wake in a fright thrashing about my bed and crying slightly.
I was standing alone in the middle of a dark highway. I was wearing one of my best outfits that I own. (A black corset, a black velvet skirt that is so long that it drags on the ground and has a slit going up a little past the thigh, a pair of thigh high leather boots, the dimand necklace with matching earrings that my fiancee bought me on our one year anniversary.) I remember being confused and I remember being scared out of my mind. I was not sure why I was so afraid. I remember that I was cold and stumbling around. There was a large gust of wind that almost knocked me over and off of my feet. At this point my face was covered in tears. I felt a strange feeling in the pit of my stomache and then it felt as though someone rushed up behind me. I turned around so fast that I almost lost my footing. I gathered up my skirt and prepared to run when I felt a large and strong hand clap over my throat and squeeze slightly. The assailant pressed his chest and hips tightly against my back as if to hold me in place. I felt a hot breath on my ear and hen he spoke. He said, "I know that you're afraid, but it will only hurt a moment." His hand tightened a bit more on my throat, and began to turn me around when I woke up kicking around in my bed crying a little bit. What the hell could this dream mean??!! If any one has any ideas, PLEASE TELL ME.

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